Thursday, April 10, 2008

# 38 of the 95 Thesis

"Human communities are based on discourse—on human speech about human concerns."

This thesis struck a cord with me, as a communication major. We (all Comm majors) have studied for 4 years (give or take a couple) to master the art of communication in every realm we could possibly learn, or what was being offered that semester...
We have a huge advantage to most in this realm as well, the new social media. Before this class, I was fairly unaware of the conversations going on via blogs, network cites, etc. Now being more informed I feel as I have become a part of the conversation, maybe not as much as others, but much more than every before.
We have the opportunity to take what we have learned in all classes, including this one, and put it to use so that companies are no longer corporations that can't be touched. Most are realizing slowly but surely that they have to begin to communicate with their customers on a different level. A human level that provides a two way conversation instead of statements and ads. I am excited about reaching the career world at this time because so much is changing and I feel that we have a leg up on that change and are willing to keep learning about new ways to bridge the gap between company and consumer

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Me + Rolling Stone Mag = Love Forever

I can't help it, with all the new ways to receive information I still skip happily like a 9 yr old with a lollipop when I know it is the day my Rolling Stone Magazine comes in the mail. I can't help my committed love to the mag. I love the new music I find, the salty articles about the next "arshole" politician being called out for doing something really stupid. I am here to say that although Bush has been "way to easy", I give to the Rolling Stone for coming up with such hilarious and creative ways of showing the downfalls and stupidity of the man again, and again, and again, and- well you know that could go on forever.
But seriously, it's hard to stay that creative over the same stupidity for THAT long!! Yet I will have to say, that I love the articles in RC about politics, they have a great talent or ambition to write about big and small points on both sides of the spectrum. Another thing I love about my RC (as well as the Daily Show) is they make fun of everyone, they don't leave anyone out of the lime light! Everyone is cut down and beat up for their actions or remarks.
With that, I have found a new love within my dear RC, the RC blog, OH what joy and excitement I have when reading the short pieces and the comments thereafter!! I especially love the Capri Lounge
where all the editors (also known as gods) go to rant and rave/bitch about everything and anything. So enjoy all, and don't judge my old print ways, I have taken my old love and brought myself into the future, but always with my beloved RC.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Site for Presidential Candidates and Info

Since our assignment in class was to blog about the 2008 elections, I thought I would do my second blog a website that I found pretty interesting and informative. PolFeeds is website that brings you virtually all of the RSS feeds offered by Presidential Candidates, Members of Congress, and the White House together in one place.
Intriguing... I know, but it lets you pick you state and precinct number to give specific local info as well as national information on anyone under the moon in politics. So if you want to watch all the videos from Barack Obama or Hillery Clinton, you merely type in their name/videos and the feed will only be for those type of videos/person.
It's a very resourceful site and worth checking out if you are interested in the election, politics, or think Senator Dodd is super sexy with the fancy hair doo!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama and Social Media: The new wave in presidential elections

No matter who you are voting for, it is clear that Obama has changed the way presidential campaigns are run. Obama is using the internet and social media to reach voters on a more personal and driven level. After reading the article "The Machinery of Hope" in the Rolling Stone I was pretty amazed about how much Obama's campaign has embraced social media as a way to create relationships with the voters and get voters active and engaged in the campaign.
Obama and his campaign have even created their own social networking site called MyBo, which allows Obama supporters to organize together in groups such as Texas Business Women for Obama. Obama also boasts many networks within Facebook including Obama 08'
and Barack Obama supporters.
All these sites allow supporters to have control over context and activity within the group that builds the foundation for major turnouts in polling and campaign headquarters. What is so interesting about the way Obama has run the social media campaign, is that to the average voter, like myself, you would have no idea exactly how much he and is campaigners have utilized the new tools. He doesn't talk about it in speeches, or flaunt it in traditional media. It is really a grass roots campaign. He plays by the rules of the traditional media outlets, but behind the smiles and waves, he knows that getting people's votes isn't from really expensive TV ads, but from behind the scenes social media sites, letting the people take charge of the discussions. Obama's campaign seems to mimic Obama's true intentions. To actually allow the voters to decide what issues are important and to be apart of the conversation, not just an audience to impress.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Link to Podcast. Our podcast is an interview with Kristen Davis, who is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at VH1.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Obama + celebrities= inexpensive and inspiring viral videos.

Social media has reshaped the way presidential campaigns are reaching out to voters as well as how the campaigns are being funded. There's millions of blogs covering the candidates every move and some pretty interesting videos that the candidates are able to make dirt cheap and with the capacity to reach millions of voters. The use of these social medias, in my opinion, has helped Obama especially reach the younger voters in this country.
Many celebs have also helped Obama out by making videos endorsing his campaign and his beliefs. One that has been in particular very successful is the "Yes we can" music video filled with celebrities singing Obama's speech with Obama in the background. A second video was developed that included different celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Ryan Phillipe explaining that they want to see a better world for their children. This video has other celebrities chanting "Obama" throughout the video called "we are the ones".
These videos are brilliant because they reach the young voters as well as show that celebrities have a deep faith in Obama and his campaign. The underlining theme of these videos is unity, and the social awakening that the people are "the ones" that will make a change.
Whether you are voting for Clinton or Obama, you have to give the guy credit, he has brought something out in the youth of this country that no one else has been able to do (you remember ole Kerry right?). I think social media is becoming and should stay a very important tool in campaigns because it gives candidates a outlet that doesn't cost millions of dollars, which in turn means they might not have to promise so many things to get large donations. That candidates can focus on vital issues and get those issues out to the public in a cheap and quick way. I hope to see more use of social media in politics, because if there's one area that needs help on transparency, oh yeah that would be a great way to start!