Thursday, April 10, 2008

# 38 of the 95 Thesis

"Human communities are based on discourse—on human speech about human concerns."

This thesis struck a cord with me, as a communication major. We (all Comm majors) have studied for 4 years (give or take a couple) to master the art of communication in every realm we could possibly learn, or what was being offered that semester...
We have a huge advantage to most in this realm as well, the new social media. Before this class, I was fairly unaware of the conversations going on via blogs, network cites, etc. Now being more informed I feel as I have become a part of the conversation, maybe not as much as others, but much more than every before.
We have the opportunity to take what we have learned in all classes, including this one, and put it to use so that companies are no longer corporations that can't be touched. Most are realizing slowly but surely that they have to begin to communicate with their customers on a different level. A human level that provides a two way conversation instead of statements and ads. I am excited about reaching the career world at this time because so much is changing and I feel that we have a leg up on that change and are willing to keep learning about new ways to bridge the gap between company and consumer

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Me + Rolling Stone Mag = Love Forever

I can't help it, with all the new ways to receive information I still skip happily like a 9 yr old with a lollipop when I know it is the day my Rolling Stone Magazine comes in the mail. I can't help my committed love to the mag. I love the new music I find, the salty articles about the next "arshole" politician being called out for doing something really stupid. I am here to say that although Bush has been "way to easy", I give to the Rolling Stone for coming up with such hilarious and creative ways of showing the downfalls and stupidity of the man again, and again, and again, and- well you know that could go on forever.
But seriously, it's hard to stay that creative over the same stupidity for THAT long!! Yet I will have to say, that I love the articles in RC about politics, they have a great talent or ambition to write about big and small points on both sides of the spectrum. Another thing I love about my RC (as well as the Daily Show) is they make fun of everyone, they don't leave anyone out of the lime light! Everyone is cut down and beat up for their actions or remarks.
With that, I have found a new love within my dear RC, the RC blog, OH what joy and excitement I have when reading the short pieces and the comments thereafter!! I especially love the Capri Lounge
where all the editors (also known as gods) go to rant and rave/bitch about everything and anything. So enjoy all, and don't judge my old print ways, I have taken my old love and brought myself into the future, but always with my beloved RC.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Site for Presidential Candidates and Info

Since our assignment in class was to blog about the 2008 elections, I thought I would do my second blog a website that I found pretty interesting and informative. PolFeeds is website that brings you virtually all of the RSS feeds offered by Presidential Candidates, Members of Congress, and the White House together in one place.
Intriguing... I know, but it lets you pick you state and precinct number to give specific local info as well as national information on anyone under the moon in politics. So if you want to watch all the videos from Barack Obama or Hillery Clinton, you merely type in their name/videos and the feed will only be for those type of videos/person.
It's a very resourceful site and worth checking out if you are interested in the election, politics, or think Senator Dodd is super sexy with the fancy hair doo!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama and Social Media: The new wave in presidential elections

No matter who you are voting for, it is clear that Obama has changed the way presidential campaigns are run. Obama is using the internet and social media to reach voters on a more personal and driven level. After reading the article "The Machinery of Hope" in the Rolling Stone I was pretty amazed about how much Obama's campaign has embraced social media as a way to create relationships with the voters and get voters active and engaged in the campaign.
Obama and his campaign have even created their own social networking site called MyBo, which allows Obama supporters to organize together in groups such as Texas Business Women for Obama. Obama also boasts many networks within Facebook including Obama 08'
and Barack Obama supporters.
All these sites allow supporters to have control over context and activity within the group that builds the foundation for major turnouts in polling and campaign headquarters. What is so interesting about the way Obama has run the social media campaign, is that to the average voter, like myself, you would have no idea exactly how much he and is campaigners have utilized the new tools. He doesn't talk about it in speeches, or flaunt it in traditional media. It is really a grass roots campaign. He plays by the rules of the traditional media outlets, but behind the smiles and waves, he knows that getting people's votes isn't from really expensive TV ads, but from behind the scenes social media sites, letting the people take charge of the discussions. Obama's campaign seems to mimic Obama's true intentions. To actually allow the voters to decide what issues are important and to be apart of the conversation, not just an audience to impress.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Link to Podcast. Our podcast is an interview with Kristen Davis, who is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at VH1.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Obama + celebrities= inexpensive and inspiring viral videos.

Social media has reshaped the way presidential campaigns are reaching out to voters as well as how the campaigns are being funded. There's millions of blogs covering the candidates every move and some pretty interesting videos that the candidates are able to make dirt cheap and with the capacity to reach millions of voters. The use of these social medias, in my opinion, has helped Obama especially reach the younger voters in this country.
Many celebs have also helped Obama out by making videos endorsing his campaign and his beliefs. One that has been in particular very successful is the "Yes we can" music video filled with celebrities singing Obama's speech with Obama in the background. A second video was developed that included different celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Ryan Phillipe explaining that they want to see a better world for their children. This video has other celebrities chanting "Obama" throughout the video called "we are the ones".
These videos are brilliant because they reach the young voters as well as show that celebrities have a deep faith in Obama and his campaign. The underlining theme of these videos is unity, and the social awakening that the people are "the ones" that will make a change.
Whether you are voting for Clinton or Obama, you have to give the guy credit, he has brought something out in the youth of this country that no one else has been able to do (you remember ole Kerry right?). I think social media is becoming and should stay a very important tool in campaigns because it gives candidates a outlet that doesn't cost millions of dollars, which in turn means they might not have to promise so many things to get large donations. That candidates can focus on vital issues and get those issues out to the public in a cheap and quick way. I hope to see more use of social media in politics, because if there's one area that needs help on transparency, oh yeah that would be a great way to start!

My new favorite blog

Surfing the web the other day, I found a new site that I really like alot. It's called Metroblogging Austin.
I like it because its all things Austin. They talk about movies, concerts, great places to get tacos, you name it, its there. I think its also pretty cool to chat with other Austinites that love this town as much as I do. This blog is also a great way to find those cool hidden places around Austin like where you can play chicken bingo or the best little vegan restaurant/coffee shop that almost always features our favorite Austin celebrity, Leslie.
Its amazing how social media not only connects you with people all over the world, but also connects you with people in your own town that you would probably not have met without the wonderful world of blogs. This site will also be helpful for tourists to Austin, instead of just relying on the Chronicle (which I love-don't get me wrong) there is also other ways to find out what is fun and interesting to do in this town and from the opinions of the people who live here.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Clinton and Obama local blog

TV station KXAN, showed their social media savvy on Thursday during the debate between Obama and Clinton. During the debate they were streaming live and after the debate KXAN had a blog started to get opinions from Austinites over the debate and who they thought won or who they liked the best.
Some of the blogs were very informative. One gent blogged about some of the sketchy stocks that Clinton has, and records she won't make public although Obama already has. What is great about this guy's blog is that not only does he give these facts but also links where he got the info. Yet there were some other blogs that made me think, crap there are some ignorant folks out there. One quoted "Barack Hussein Obama" How stupid do you have to be? I mean really, don't like the guy if you don't want, but that's just tacky, and something I would expect from some backwoods hillbillie that still uses to cups connected by a string for a phone! I had to put my opinion out there, so i beg you guys to help put something interesting and INTELLIGENT on there, that would be great.
So check out the blog its pretty entertaining, here's the link.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Social Media gives tips to promote web videos

Cruising through the world of social media blogs online, I came across Social Media and found a pretty interesting and informative blog. The blog was on 7 ways to promote web videos. After reading the 7 ways to promote, it reminded me again how all these technologies are so interrelated.

The first promotion tool was to submit your video to a social bookmarking community such as Digg or Flur. Since we have learned about social bookmarking I can see where this makes a great outlet to get your video out, or learn if your video sucks. If viewers don't like it, they can simply vote against it and your video is lost in a sea of other crappy videos... we have all been to youtube, some stuff should never have been made!

Second tool is to send your video to entertainment sites such as youtube clips or Fark. I am pretty new to these sites, but have gotten kind of addicted to Fark, some interesting news, plus useless information that you can spout out at a party sometime.

The third tool is to promote your video within youtube. You can do this by finding a video kinda like yours and comment with a video response, which will in turn get you more hits. I thought that was the best idea, I don't know about everyone else, but when I key in "best tackles in the NFL" I want to see a bunch of videos come up or videos linked to eachother so I can sit there forever watching people get pounded (That's right Roy, where u at?)

Forth tool was to submit to forums that are relevant to your video. So I guess if you love "That 70's Show" and your video is your version of the episode where Fez has a "naughty dream" about Kelso, then you might find yourself a home and fanbase (yes there is a 70s show forum...REMEMBER I check my facts!!!!! especially for you Morales (you didn't get a stick, so I plugged you into mine)

Fifth tool is a little far fetched, submit your work to a major television show. Not sure Jay Leno is in the "in crowd" but I guess we can give him the benefit of the doubt he?

6 and 7 include posting your video on your blog, which I figured would have been the first step, but hey what do I know? And as long as your fez impression won't scare the crap out of your folks the big number 7 is to forward your video to family and friends.

So there you go all you fellow bloggers, there's the promotional tools for getting your video out there for the world to see!!
And ACTION!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More on the Jawbone incident

When reading through Anomaly's news portion of their website (the ad company that made the tasteless ad), they proudly boast about the work they did with Aliph and the jawbone online videos. There is no mention of the videos being controversial, racist, or anything of the sort. In fact here's a short quote "the creative centerpiece of the Jawbone work was a series of short web films from legendary music-director Samuel Bayers illustrating how the headset blocks out noise".
Another interesting fact Anomaly has in the news section is how they are innovative about being paid... Interesting when the CEO of Digital Axle, Bruce Carlisle explained that his company had "zero financial interest in its circulation per se". Anomaly explains how they refuse to be paid like a normal ad agency, because thats not what they are.
So could this have anything to do with a possible loophole between Digital Axle and Anomaly, where Bruce maybe right that they didn't have any financial interest in the film...YET??

Friday, February 1, 2008

Voter registration almost up!


Texas, as have all of the other states because of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), has been switching over all of the counties' voter registration data to a statewide data base and in the process, some eligible voters are getting "dropped off" the rolls for a variety of reasons. So, it is important that you check your status no later than Monday if you plan to vote in the upcoming March 4, 2008 Texas Primaries.


1. You cannot actually register to vote online in Texas! There is a form you can fill out on line, but you must print it out and deliver it to your county's voter registration offices or wherever else the form can be accepted before the deadline.

2. It has been discovered that if you go to the TX Secretary of State website to change your voting address because you have moved out of one county and into another, your registration in your old county will be canceled and the website will not automatically re-register you in the new county. You should then go to the website (if available) of your new county to find out how to register there from scratch.
However, if you have recently gotten a new drivers license at a DPS office because you have moved to a new county, the DPS is able to transfer your voter registration to the new county. You still should verify with your new county that everything was done correctly.

If you live in Travis County, here is a link to the Travis County Registrar's office to find out how to register or to check your registration status.

If you live outside of Travis County, go to the Texas Secretary of State's website and it will get you to the information about how to register or check your registration status.

Just wanted everyone to know the details so we can all try to change some of the shit the old folks have done to our house- cuz if you didn't know yet- this is our house now, and its time to clean up.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The British still like us at least...Right?

In a summit of South American leaders, president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez spoke to other leaders about creating a military alliance against the "imperial" United States.
There has always been tension between Chavez and the U.S, who think Chavez is just an ally of Castro and supporter of left wing ideals. While Chavez thinks the U.S is a threat to the central America. Part of the alliance include Bolivia, Cuba, and Nicaragua.
It is bothersome to think that other countries feel like they have to create a military alliance in order to make sure that their countries are safe from the U.S. Is the fact that Venezuela is one of the top oil rich countries in the world have anything to do with the alliance? Does that make Chavez really paranoid or is there a little truth to his opinion?
People are very divided when speaking of Chavez, not only the views of people who live in Venezuela, but all over the world. So how does one get to the bottom of the controversy and find that facts? Unfortunately, with each side having a strong opinion about the other it is difficult to sift through the "facts" to find the truth behind this animosity.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

South Park, ahead as always!!

Oh Trey Parker, only you could incorporate into a thirty minute episode the newest internet technologies that eventually save us from... the Brits? and Hillary Clinton's um... lets call it her bomb carrier. In the South Park episode titled "Snooze" Cartman is suspicious of a new student, Bahir, who is of middle eastern descent. Cartmen employs Kyle to check the new students background by using newer internet tools like myspace, facebook, mapquest, ebay, and blogging sites (link to scene). Kyle then teaches the CIA the newest way to find out about people online (CIA was using AOL), which inevitably uncovers the secret partnership of the British and Russians to take over America, and ends with the queen shooting herself in the head. It's South Park people, its gonna be ridiculous but as always, proves a damn good point.
The point is what Ms. Weisgerber told us the first day of class, that new internet technologies are changing the way people communicate and receive information. The South Park episode goes along with the fact that these technologies are so new that even the CIA didn't know! As we have learned about our class, its a very new course that is only apart of the curriculum in a handful of universities.
For me, alot of the stuff we are learning is completely new! I knew about wikis somewhat, but not the kind of impact they really have. And, she's right, blogging is addicting and I have found myself on the internet for hours reading different blogs about everything and anything interesting.
So watch the episode if you can, its pretty hilarious and somehow educational.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting to know your musicians!!!

Want to know whats really going on in Thom Yorke's mind? Or all the crazy stories from years on the road with Pete Townsend? Well, with the new addiction known as Blogging, you can. Many bands have started their own Blogs in which they communicate with fans on a daily basis. Fans are able to check out pictures and comments posted by the band that, without blogging, would not have been able to.
One of the first lessons we learned in class is that these new technologies (such as blogging and wikis) allow people to able to connect with others all over the world. But the most important use is that these new social medias allow you to be in control. Just like bands that have their blog sites control the information they give to their fans. In turn, fans are able to check out their favorite bands' sites, and for the first time, get to know the band as normal people!
One of my favorite bands is Radiohead, and on their blog site the band members blog a few times a week. They talk about a favorite pub, write a poems, and put pictures up from a night the band members got together, and they even let their blog guests know about secret shows that the band does around London (nicer if I lived there so I could be in the "know" and be able to get to it too!).
So, the point is that blogging allows people to get information that they might not been able to receive before as well as share information with others too! It's fun stuff, and pretty cool to get to know your fav band on a more personal level. Check em out and enjoy the wonderful world of Blogging!